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Judeo-Christians vs Identity Christians!

by Pastor Robb

Judeo-Christians vs Identity Christians!

by Pastor Robb

An “expose” of Christian-Identity says,

“What has come to be known as the Identity Movement was previously termed Anglo-Israelism or British-Israelism. It is composed of those individuals and groups who identify the present day Anglo-Saxon people as the direct biological descendants of the ancient Israelites and, as such, God's chosen people, the heirs of all God's promises to Abraham and his progeny.”

The first thing that must be understood is that there is no such thing as a Christian-Identity religion. There is no Christian-Identity headquarters, there is no Christian-Identity spiritual leader, there is no Christian-Identity “Bible,” there is no Christian-Identity revelation, there is no Christian-Identity prophet, there is no Christian-Identity holy place, there is no Christian-Identity membership list, there are no Christian-Identity rituals, and there is no such thing as a Christian-Identity member. No one can fill out an application to “join” Christian-Identity.

Christian-Identity refers to Christian people who from Biblical and historical study have come to conclusion that the Children of Israel migrated into Europe after their dispersion.

It’s that simple, in spite of the hysteria of the anti Christian-Identity crowd.

Some believe the Jews are the descendants of the ancient nation of Israel and some believe that the people of Europe are the descendants of the ancient nation of Israel. If someone believes the latter, it hardly makes them an evil, bound for hell, sinner.

And if someone should say the answer to the puzzle is simple because the Jews must be the real descendants - “After all they are called JEWS!” - over look the fact that today’s Jews are descended from the Khazars which adopted the Talmudic (now called Jewish) religion in 840 BC.


Of course this is a part of history that most people do not take time to read. But just because they have never read it does not mean it is not true.

Consider the words of Arthur Koestler1, and the fact Koestler was Jewish adds additional interest to his research, which was in agreement with many others who came to the same conclusion. In his book The Thirteenth Tribe (Random House 1976), Koestler writes, “The large majority of surviving Jews in the world is of Eastern European - and thus perhaps mainly of Khazar - origin, If so, this would mean that . . . they are more closely related to the Hun, Uigur and Magyar tribes than to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” A portion of his concluding remarks state, “I have tried to show that the evidence from anthropology concurs with history in refuting the popular belief in a Jewish race descended from the Biblical tribe.”

So if the Jews are not descended from Israel - who is?

(Celtic)-Hebrew Connection

A highly respected Danish linguistic expert Dr. Ann Kristensen has reached the same conclusion (that we have proclaimed for years) that the Cimmerians who later became the Celts can be positively identified as a section of the so-called "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel" in deportation.

Dr. Kristensen was skeptical at first but the more she researched into Assyrian sources she found the Cimmerians making their first appearance in recorded history around 714 B.C. in the very area of modern Iran where the Assyrians had settled the deported tribes of Israel a few years earlier. She reaches conclusions that the Gimira or Cimmerians are lost Israelites.

In "WHO WERE THE CIMMERIANS AND WHERE DID THEY COME FROM" - translated by Jorgen Laessoe of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Dr. Kristensen wrote:

"There is scarcely reason any longer to doubt the exciting and verily astonishing assertion propounded by students of the Ten Tribes, that the Israelites deported from Bit Humria of the House of Omri are identical with the Gimirraja of the Assyrian sources. Everything indicates that the Israelite deportees did not vanish from the picture but that, abroad, under new conditions they continued to leave their mark on History.

This is prepared for those people who are looking at Christian-Identity to further their spiritual walk as a Christian and for those who may be doing research about the Christian Identity movement. We hope to clear up some misconceptions and also to perhaps dispel some of the outright lies that are being told by those who either do not know any better or who wish to distort the truth for their own personal agenda.

Throughout the nation and even throughout the world there are people who are looking and searching for answers to today’s perplexing problems.

Often these people turn to religion as a means to find the answers they seek. For that reason preachers call people to come down the aisle to give their life to Christ, Jehovah Witnesses going from door to door distributing copies of The Watchtower or young men from the Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) riding their bicycles and introducing people to the Book of Mormon. Gospel tracts are printed by the millions and placed in public areas for people to find. Some ministers will visit bars and slum areas as a means to find hurting people and offer them hope for what appears to many to be a hopeless life.

Every one of these people do these things as a means of evangelizing their faith. However, if the person is a Christian who also believes in the identity of our people with the ancient House of Israel then they are accused of taking advantage of people and the intentions are viewed by the mouthpieces of political correctness to be dark, evil and insidious.

For example Viola Larson’s article, Identity: A 'Christian' Religion for White Racists" published in The Christian Research Journal, (Fall 1992, page 20) states, “They appeal to other conservatives concerning such issues as AIDS, abortion, and prison reform. This is where some Christians have been pulled into the circle of Identity.”

Ms. Larson appears to condemn us for doing the very same thing that every other preacher is at liberty to do and is encourage to do. Namely to evangelize their faith to those with open ears and open hearts.

David Warren, director of the ADL's St. Louis office, said of Christian Identity, "They look for the disenfranchised, those white people who have a grievance with the world,"

"Then they just pick, pick, pick at the sore until they have them hooked into Identity."

James Ridgeway, author of Blood in the Face also makes claim that there is something sinister going on when Christian-Identity ministers engage in evangelism. “A Christian-Identity group attempts to widen its base by appealing not just to white power Christian, but to people who don’t like gays, and people who are opposed to abortion.” Ex Catholic priest William Wassmuth of Seattle, Washington is the leader of the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment which promotes the agenda of non whites and homosexuals. He is also very hateful to Christians who believe in Identity. James Ridgeway quotes Wassmuth, “That’s their (Christian-Identity) thrust these days . . . To find these kind of issues that are on people’s minds and use those issues to get people together and then they weave their conspiracy theories that takes its way down to the next level, which is their level of Christian Patriot conspiracy, anti government - it’s a hook to get people in front of them.”

Is this suppose to bad? Does he think we should make our appeals to homosexuals and those who kill unborn babies? I would suggest that every church in America and throughout the world looks to bring like-minded people into their doors. Are we not also entitled to the same liberty? And if so, why demonize us for doing so?

Hal Mansfield, director of the Religious Movements Resource Center in Fort Collins, Colorado wrote a lengthy article in Cult Observer, (Volume 14, No. 4, 1997) He gives a detailed account of how Christian-Identity followers trick people into what he claims is the Christian-Identity cult.


“When approached by one of their recruiters, one doesn’t hear about supremacy issues. Instead, talk centers around gun control and other more mainstream issues. Later, the true agendas are presented, after the organization has had time to gain the person’s trust and determine if he or she is open to their racist views.”


“Such current recruitment seems to revolve around survival materials, especially at exhibitions such as recently occurred in Denver. A wide range of people attend these exhibitions. Some fear that the end of the world is imminent and are waiting for the government to collapse. Others just want to buy materials to be self sufficient. At these exhibitions an Identity group member manning a booth will display materials of general interest. When people stop by the booth and talk to the operator, he or she will size a person up to determine if he or she might be recruitment material. If the prospect is deemed to be a possible member, he or she will be given other publications, which are stored under the table.”


“Another popular means of recruitment is through the sale of audio and videotapes. The recruiter will approach prospects and ask them to view a tape that has some "stuff" on it, and have the persons give their opinions. Most of the issues on this tape will be of no particular interest to the Identity movement. But if the prospect shows an interest in the one or two that do concern Identity group members, then the recruitment process will go to the next stage, namely, to convince the person that he or she "thinks like we do." If the recruit continues to show interest, he or she will over time be introduced to other issues and ultimately indoctrinated into the Identity philosophy.”


“Typically, an Identity group will look and sound like a fundamentalist Bible church, masking what they are really about. Most take an anti-gay stance in the community; some on the extreme side. These groups may also take hard-line stances on other issues, such as obscenity or teen pregnancy, in order to create the false impression that they are just fundamentalist preachers, when in fact they are supremacists. The community may object to this kind of rhetoric on issues, but may not know there is a supremacy agenda behind it.”

According to Mansfield, the only reason we are interested in the issues of gun control, homosexuals, and other things is so we can trap people.

That would be like saying the only reason the evangelist is concerned about broken homes, abused kids, or drunken and broken lives is because he wants to trap a convert.

Rosemary Radford Ruether, professor of applied theology at the Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., writing in the Chicago Tribune stated "they have recently targeted alienated white youth in affluent suburbs and have considerable presence through a number of Web sites and the promotion of racist music aimed at the young."

She and others want to give this dark insidious picture of Christian-Identity people sneaking around in the dark like a drug dealer or a pornographer attempting to slip a dirty magazine into the hands of a youngster.

According to her, Christian-Identity targets alienated white youth. That would be like saying the Youth for Christ Ministries, Teen Challenge or even your local church young people Bible studies are attempting to “target” young people who are alienated from society.

Here is another absurd (stupid) statement, this time coming from Richard Scheinin a reporter for the San Jose Mercury (July 24, 1999). Of Christian-Identity Scheinin writes, “Volumes have been written about reasons for that growth: economic frustration of whites who resent affirmative action; disaffection of white suburban youths, many from single-parent homes, who find male role models in hate groups; the ability of these groups to offer young people a sense of family and identity, much like gangs.”

The prevailing double standard is amazing. For a church ministry to reach out to troubled teen-agers, those from broken homes and those who are in need of a role model is considered an act of love. But if the media or Judeo-Christians find even one kid from a broken home attending a Christian meeting which teaches Identity they throw-up all over themselves in an effort to prove their point that we target kids who are just angry with the world.

Get real!

Those of you who are pursuing the study of Christian-Identity need to look through their attempts to emotionally distort and pervert the Gospel of Christ.

Let’s stop and consider the opening statement about Christian-Identity as it appears on the web site <>.

“Anglo-Israelism (a.k.a. British-Israelism): A theological belief that the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic and associated cultures are the racial descendants of the tribes of Israel. Thus, by extension, Americans and Canadians, are composed of the descendants of the ancient Israelites of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament).”

There are those who have never given the question a serious study and simply discount the suggestion as wrong, while others like Hal Mansfield call it a “cult.”

However, it must be understood that making a connection of the House of Israel with the people of Europe is at the very root of the matter an historical study and not a religious one. And people may disagree with the conclusion of an historical study but that does not make the person a cultist.

For example You may claim that Caesar conquered Scotland when all the evidence points otherwise, but that doesn’t qualify you as a member of a cult.

Some have stated that the Bible gives no “evidence” suggesting that the people of Europe are descended from House of Israel. Then smugly sit back as if they just delivered a crushing defeat to Christian-Identity.

Viola Larson says, “The Identity teachers’ conclusion that the British, Scandinavian, and Germanic peoples are the lost tribes of Israel is a case in point. None of the tribes have been lost . . . there is no Biblical reference that would encourage this teaching of lost tribes.”

Well, here is one she overlooked! Jesus tells his disciples, “Go to the lost sheep of the House of Israel,” Matt 10:5.

James Ridgeway who writes for the Village Voice and is author of Blood in the Face which was later made into a T.V. documentary states, “The ministers I spoke with did say there was nothing in the Bible to support the notion of . . . Christian-Identity's dream image of the Lost Tribes of Israel worming their way through northern Europe and over to America.”

To say there is NO evidence is both lying and deceitful. Every person with a rationale mind must admit that there must be some evidence in order to attract so many people to its teaching. To make the statement there is NO evidence is preposterous. Every action in a court trail has evidence both in favor and in opposition to the defendant. The jury will study the evidence presented them and make their decision. To think that there have been hundreds of thousand of people though out the years that believe Christian Identity without being presented any evidence is really stretching. Do we really think, the late Bertrand Comparat, who served as Prosecuting Attorney of San Diego County, California, believed Christian Identity without any evidence. Or Mordicai Ham, the minister who lead Billy Graham to the Lord believed and taught Christian-Identity without any evidence. You mean to tell me there is NO evidence anywhere in the Bible. Those of you searching out Christian-Identity have to admit that would be a big pill to swallow. NO evidence what-so-ever! NONE?

The fact is there IS evidence. For example James 1:1 opens his book writing to the “twelve tribes scattered abroad.” These Israelites were not in Palestine they were somewhere else. Also in John 7:35, Christ, speaking in spiritual terms about his assent into heaven, says he will go to a place where those around him cannot go. However, they did not understand what he meant and asked among themselves, “Will he go to the dispersed among the gentiles.” They knew there was a multitude of Israelites living abroad outside of the land of Palestine and they thought Jesus was going to go to them. One more example should suffice for now. Gen 12 records the covenant God made with Abraham and Sarah  and said their descendants would become a “multitude of nations.” Now these are just three minor examples, but in an investigative pursuit, the detective would follow the trail and see where it leads and where these people are.

1) Where are these Israel people no longer living in Palestine that James writes to?

2) Where are these dispersed Israelites that the people in the days of Jesus thought he would go to?

3) Where are these multitude of nations? The Jews have only one nation - Israeli. And even it owes its existence and continual protection to the people of United States. 2

4) And why is it such a “sin” to study the migrations of the Israel people from Palestine to Europe, Great Britain, United States, Canada etc.?

The students of Christian-Identity will offer historical evidence that these (along with a host of other scriptural evidence) leads to the people of Europe. But of course to the Judeo-Christian this would mean that they immediately lost their salvation, are now heretics and have to be saved all over again.

Of course these goofy people are going to say there is NO evidence! Can you imagine what would happen to their empire if they would say, “I don’t agree with Christian-Identity, but there is evidence in scripture and history to support their position.” People would want to see the evidence. But they attempt to keep you away from even looking at the possibility.

Talk about cult control!

Now whether a person wants to accept the evidence is another matter, and although some may disagree with the evidence, does not mean it doesn’t exist. Furthermore, even if there was no evidence it would not mean the teaching is incorrect. For example the Bible gives no evidence that Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon in his conquest of Rome. The Bible gives no evidence that William The Conquer invaded England nor does the Bible gives any evidence that United States became a nation through its war with Great Britain. These are facts of history outside of the Biblical historical writings.

Furthermore in an attempt to claim we are a cult Hal Mansfield who I quote above stated

As with many cultic groups, supremacists keep people from testing their beliefs against reality by cutting them off from all contact with outside ideas.”

To say we are a cult and that we try to keep people away from “outside ideas” is absurd. Those who adhere to Christian-Identity do not fit ANY of the descriptions associated with cults. We do not claim special revelation, we do not use any book other than the Bible, we do not have any “spiritual” masters or teachers. We do not have any secret signs. Nor do we think that we are an elite class or a chosen people with special powers or connection with God, prophets or teachers.

Christian-Identity believes that the Holy Bible is the inspired word of God, that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on Cavalry and shed his blood for the remission of our sins, He was buried and bodily rose from the grave three days later. Christian-Identity holds that salvation can only be secured through faith in Jesus Christ and His atoning blood. Does all of Christian Identity believe this? Maybe not, but ALL the ones I have known of and fellowshipped with over the past 35 years DO.

Just because someone can find an obscure individual who says differently does not mean they are representative of Christian-Identity anymore than if I would quote from the writing of the Jehovah Witnesses and then say that this is what the Baptists teach. My proof - “They all claim to believe in the Bible! So even if they are not exactly the same they share a common connection.”

Many of you reading this may have actually seen statements like Hal Mansfield claiming that we want to prevent “people from testing their beliefs against reality by cutting them off from all contact with outside ideas”.

How absurd, unless you live in a commune how can a person avoid contact with “outside ideas?” Of course, there are those claiming there are these large Christian-Identity compounds and communes just scattered everywhere and people move into these communes and never leave and just listen to their Christian-Identity preacher for all truth, knowledge and wisdom. My question is “Where do these guys come up with this stuff.” In all my years I have known of only two such communes. One was called The Covenant, The Sword, The Arm of the Lord (also CSA). This was located in northern Arkansas about 80 miles from where I live. The leaders of this outfit, Jim Ellison and Kerry Noble were violent prone, egomaniac, women hating morons. They were shunned by almost everyone - including the vast, vast majority of Christian-Identity people.

I visited them one time to see what they were all about and when I got there all the men had shaved their heads. This was before the days of Skinheads. Why did they shave their heads? I was told by Kerry Noble that Jim Ellison had been given a revelation that by shaving his head he would show his dedication to The Lord. Well, it appears that the others felt that if it was good enough for old Jim it was good enough for them. So the razors came out and they were hairless. I came home and told my wife, “These guys are a bunch of cornflakes.” Kerry Noble was particularly strange and some thought he was smoking some of that “funny grass.”

The other commune is located in Eastern Oklahoma and is still in existence. It is known as Eliohim City. I know nothing of this commune. I have never been there and have no desire to go there. It was evidently this commune by which Jim Ellison (CSA) copied his.

In all my 30 years of teaching Christian-Identity, these are the only two communes I am aware of existing. There may be others, I just never have heard of them. And I do not believe any others exist.

I don’t know how Hal Mansfield think we are going to keep people from “outside ideas.” Those who understand the racial descent of the people of Europe from the House of Israel do not live in communes. They live in the same communities as everyone else. They work at jobs, golf, fish, hunt, and take their kids to soccer games like any other family. They listen to the radio, watch TV, rent videos and read the paper that the newsboy throws on their doorstep.  Their kids go to school, play on the football team, or their daughter may be a cheerleader or on student council. Because they are Christians (In spite of the hate rhetoric of our detractors) they may attend a good Christian church for spiritual fellowship if there is no church which understands Christian-Identity in the area. And at school their kids may belong to the Christian Bible Club, perhaps the band, the photography club or write on the school newspaper.

Mr. Mansfield is living in fantasy land! Why? I don’t know! I guess many people like Hal Mansfield or Viola Larson “need” an enemy in their life. It’s the same reason people go see horror movies, they want to be scared. And for some of these people they need to imagine this huge Christian-Identity monster that is out stalking innocent people and they are the warriors that will slay this horrible Christian-Identity dragon.

Are we afraid of being exposed to “outside ideas” On the contrary. We welcome them! We are not afraid of the multi-cultural and multi-racial doctrines of their One World Church. I have offered many times and will do so again,

If a preacher thinks our Christian-Identity teaching is false, then he or she is WELCOME to come and preach in the church I pastor and tell us the truth. They will be treated cordially and with respect as a Christian brother or sister. The only requirement is that I be allowed to speak in their church with the same respect as we will give him or her.

In fact, not only are they welcome to come and share with us their teaching of scripture, But if they imagine us to be lost sinners going to hell, it is their DUTY as a Christian to do so!

I welcome you to speak to your pastor about this invitation.

I believe Christian-Identity to be true. As I have stated previously, the fundamental teachings of the Christian faith are also held by those in Christian-Identity. I am a born-again Christian. I believe in the atoning blood of Jesus Christ and that we can be redeemed only through His blood and through His grace. And even though San Jose Mercury reporter, Richard Scheinin says that Christian-Identity “teach that salvation is through race, not grace,” he is wrong and is parroting something he knows nothing about.

Those who say that Christian-Identity teaches that we are saved by race and not grace are not being truthful. Although there may be some obscure statement to the contrary, don’t paint all Christian-Identity adherents with this same brush. I am not attempting to explain the weird or the obscure I am telling you about the VAST MAJORITY of Christian-Identity people

I am going to go over some things that are often stated about Christian-Identity.

1) Christian-Identity teaches that Jews are the offspring of Satan.

Pat Burson and Joseph Mallia writing in Newsday magazine (August 4, 2001) says of Christian Identity “The movement teaches that Anglo-Saxons are God's chosen people, Jews are the seed of Satan . . .”

The internet site <> says of Christian-Identity, “A number of small, extremely conservative Fundamentalist Christian denominations which have accepted Anglo-Israelism, and grafted it to racist, sexist, anti-Communist and homophobic beliefs. They view the Jewish people as descendants of Satan. Followers tend to be involved in political movements opposing gun control, equal rights to gays and lesbians, and militia movements.”

And in a 1999 FBI report (The Migiddo Report) alerted their agents of what terrible things White Racists and Christian-Identity groups might do at the turn of the new millennium state of Christian-Identity, “A view of the white race, the "Adamic race" or "True Israelites" as superior. Other races are the ‘Satanic spawn’ of Cain.”

In an article published in the San Jose Mercury News (July 24, 1999) titled Preaching Hatred, Richard Scheinin writes, “While most clerics preach "love thy neighbor," Christian Identity interprets the book of Genesis to mean that Jews are descended from Satan.”

And practically every newspaper article that is written about Christian-Identity carries this false information that its aberrant religious belief  among other things teaches, “the Jews are the offspring of a sexual union between Satan and Eve.”

Here is another. This time from Ovid Need Jr. In an article he wrote Identifying Identity, he mentions the teaching that Jews are the offspring of Satan .Then says, “It is the basic tenet of the Identity religion.”

First off, there is no such thing as an Identity religion, as Need asserts. And the truth of the matter is, only a few Christian-Identity followers believe and teach this doctrine. The vast majority of Christian-Identity people do not believe this. But because it is considered strange and bizarre newspapers and Judeo Christian preachers and writers attach the belief to all Christian-Identity ministries in an effort to try and keep people from looking at Christian-Identity as a serious, well thought out, historical teaching.

2)Christian Identity adherents are not Christians.

Bill Carrigan of JESUS IS LORD Ministries of Monroe, California states as a matter of fact “The Christian" Identity Church is neither Christian nor does it identify with us. This "church" takes the Word of God and distorts it in order for them to preach a gospel of race hatred primarily directed at Jews and Afro-Americans. “

People like Bill Carrigan are filled with hate against Christian-Identity. While they are attempting to display their Christian love they have no love for our people, heritage and culture. Because we place an historical relationship with the House of Israel, he claims we are not Christian and then acting like a cult leader himself he warns his fellow Christians “not to even associate with this group.”

Then he appeals “to members of this group to repent and to receive the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

While Brother Carrigan certainly has the right to disagree with Christian Identity, he fails to understand that salvation comes through the blood of Jesus Christ. It cannot be earned by having the politically correct teaching of whether or not the “Jews” are descended from Biblical Israel.

“In whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.” Ephesians 1:7

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” I John 1:7

I have to admit I found Brother Carrigan a little humorous for it is evident that he has never actually studied Christian-Identity. His obvious ignorance is seen in the following passage. He begins by quoting Gen 9:21-25. This is where the Bible states that Shem and Japath covered up Noah after it says Ham “saw the nakedness of his father.” Carrigan claims that this is one of the major scriptures that Christian-Identity uses to teach that Negroes are to be slaves. Carrigan says, “The Identity teachers state that this scripture clearly teaches that the descendants of Ham, which include all Afro-Americans and black nations, are cursed by the Patriarch and are consigned to be servants (or slaves) to the others.”

Brother Carrigan clearly is mistaken here. I have taught Christian-Identity for 30 years and I have never heard a Christian-Identity minister teach that the Negro came about as a result of this curse upon Ham. It is true that this teaching was popular with many segregationists and perhaps still so for some today. But Christian-Identity does not teach this. Christian-Identity teaches that the Negro is a full creation of God. He is not a curse and not under a curse from God. Brother Carrigan finishes with this declaration. “To those members of this "church" who choose to respond to me as "race-traitor" and such, I say this to you: if that seems to you to be a proper response, then do it! I count myself blessed.”

I dont know if Brother Carrigan is a race traitor or not and I am not going to start calling him names, although it seems he wants us to. He will have to search his own soul and seek the Lord for understanding.

3) Christian-Identity is linked to violence.

Judeo-Christian ministers and writers always like to repeat the outrageous stories they see in the newspapers, on television or at the movies. They really shouldn’t spend so much time in front of the TV.2

Viola Larson again writes in the Christian Research Journal (Fall 1992, p20)

“Not understanding the violent and racist nature of Identity, Christians sometimes connect with this movement because of Identity's espousal of issues such as right-to-life and anti Communism. Because of this vulnerability it is important for Christians to know and understand Identity's false and racist teachings.”

The FBI’s 1999 Migiddo Report warns everybody of the terrible things that would fall upon the nation as we enter the new millennium. According to the report, much of this violence was going to come from Christian-Identity. Of course nothing happened, it was all in the paranoid fears of their apocalyptic fantasy. “The leadership of the more radical "CI" groups advocate, but do not themselves engage in violence against Jews, Blacks, and Homosexuals now, rather than waiting for Armageddon to begin.”

The Migiddo Report also gives a 1999-Feb-4: warning from then FBI director Louis Freeh "With the coming of the next millennium, some religious/apocalyptic groups or individuals may turn to violence as they seek to achieve dramatic effects to fulfill their prophecies." He also talked about another disturbing religious trend: "Many white supremacist groups adhere to the Christian-Identity belief system, which holds that the world is on the verge of a final apocalyptic struggle . . . and teaches that the white race is the chosen race of God." He warned that in late 1999, some Christian-Identity members might prepare for their anticipated Armageddon by committing robberies to finance their activities. Director Freeh said that the government, Jews and non-whites are likely targets.”3

Women Leaders Online reported (Aug 13, 1999) that a number of the most serious urban U.S. terrorism acts were perpetrated by members of Christian-Identity groups, including:

Eric Rudolph, a suspect in bombings at a Birmingham AL abortion clinic and at the Atlanta Olympics

Arsonists who torched three synagogues in Sacramento CA in 1999-JUL

Murder of a gay couple near Redding, CA

Buford O'Neal Furrow Jr, suspect in the murder of a postal service employee and the attempted murder of 5 individuals at a Jewish community center in Los Angeles CA in 1999-AUG.

"and many other violent crimes across the country."

In addition, three men who were charged with two bank robberies, and three bombings in Spokane, Washington in 1996-APR were linked to the CI movement. The crimes were apparently motivated by a need to raise money for the group.

Of Course there are people who commit crimes. We do not live in an utopia as many of these Anti Christian-Identity New Agers want. The fact that these crimes are reported and make such sensational national news is proof of the NON-VIOLENCE of Christian Identity. If these things were common activities of those Christians who espouse Christian-Identity then why is there not more reports of this coming to the forefront.

Furthermore, if you would look at Christian-Identity as a community of people, then you look at your own community where you live - ask yourself - how much crime is occurring in your community? If you take a city with a population of a couple of hundred thousand people, do you not think that some of those people might be violent and law breakers. It’s unfortunate, but true that there is a percentage of people in every grouping which will be intelligent, certain percentage will be wealthy, certain percentage will be on welfare, certain percentage will cheat on their spouse and a certain percentage will violate the law.

Likewise a certain percentage of those in Christian-Identity break the law.

So What!

Arrest them, put them in jail, and go on with life. Don’t use it as a soap box to point the finger at others.

In fact, if Christian Identity has a small following as most of these New Age Judeo-Christians say, then MOST of the crime being committed in America is committed by non Christian-Identity people - their buddies!

In fact many, many of the New Age Judeo Christians have prison ministries and will go into the prisons to recruit members for their church.

Floyd Cochran, who has a history of anti-social behavior actually joined a Christian Identity church for a couple of years. Unfortunately he really was one of those misfits motivated by hate. Having never really made contact with the message of love and the unmerited grace of Jesus Christ he left the Christian-Identity church and blamed it for his hatred. When actually his hatred is a consequence of sin - his own sin. In the San Jose Mercury (July 24, 1999) he elaborated on the current object of his new hatred - Christian-Identity. “many of the groups share a rallying cry: ‘Rahowa.’ It sounds deceptively like ‘Jehovah,’ God’s name. But it stands for something very different: ‘racial holy war.’”

Here we go again! The term ‘Rahowa’ is a rallying cry for a group calling itself Church of the Creator. The problem with this statement is that the Church of the Creator, is NOT Christian-Identity. Nor is it connected to Christian-Identity. In fact it is not even Christian in any sense. It is anti-Christian and does not believe in the existence of God - they are atheists!

What kind of reasoning it this? This makes about as much sense as the following.

1) Barney Frank, a United States Congressman from Massaseutes is an admitted homosexual.

2) Barney Frank is a Democrat.

3) President Jimmy Carter is a Democrat

4) Jimmy Carter is a Baptist.

5) Therefore Baptists are homosexuals!


4) Timothy McVeigh was connected to Christian-Identity.

Salon News Service published on the internet an article by Jeff Stein titled, Christian Identity is for Pantywaist. In his article Stein quotes an Oklahoma reporter, J.D. Cash, "They really believe 'The Turner Diaries4' is the road map to their success," Stein adds that J.D. Cash, “broke stories about Timothy McVeigh's links to white-supremacist groups like Christian-Identity.”

The Cincinnati Post on May 13, 2000 printed an article by news reporter, Kevin Osborne, Racist group to meet in Indiana. According to Osborne “Timothy McVeigh, convicted of the 1995 bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City that killed 168 people, reportedly was a regular listener to the Christian-Identity broadcasts.”

Of course the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City was a horrible crime. Even when writing this, to describe the bombing of the Murrah building as a horrible crime seems to pale the real tragedy of that event. The words horrible and tragedy doesn’t come close in describing the pain that those who lost loved ones had to endure. However, for the anti-Identity crowd to exploit this terrible tragedy to promote their own agenda is inexcusable. I have not met one single person who supported McVeigh. Were there some? Probably, but these would be wacko’s, weirdoes, morons and definitely not supporters of Christian-Identity. In fact we had a supporter of this ministry that was killed in the Murrah building.

But links to Christian-Identity? Why don’t they claim he had links to the U.S. Military because it was the military that gave him the training that he used on that fateful day. Also something doesn’t fit. Terry Nicholas was McVeigh’s partner in this event. Here comes the facts that the anti-Identity crowd doesn’t want to be confused with. Nicholas was married to a non-White.

That’s right!

He was married to a Filipino girl!

So if Timothy McVeigh was a supporter of Christian-Identity he certainly wouldn’t be hanging out with Terry Nichols and his non-white wife?

Was McVeigh anti-government? Evidently!

Was Terry Nichols anti-government? Evidently!

Were they kooks! For sure!

Were they Christian Identity? Absolutely not!

But those that want to twist the truth will no doubt continue to tell this lie.

Where did this plot to bomb the Murray Building originate? We all know that McVeigh did the foul deed, but who hatched the plan? Who was the inspiration?

It was those same kooky “cornflakes” at CSA that shaved their head to “please God.” Kerry Noble was a former leader at the CSA compound. James Ridgeway describes CSA as the “centerpiece of the revolutionary far right in the 1980’s.”


What revolution?

I never saw a revolution in the 1980’s.

Evidently the only revolution that existed in the 1980’s was in the misguided and shaven heads of Jim Ellison and Kerry Noble.

I will agree with those who describe CSA as violent. They certainly were! But they did not represent Christian-Identity. While Kerry Noble envisioned himself as a revolutionary, everyone else - including those in Christian-Identity thought he was a clown and demanded little respect. Unfortunately this group of misfits is always depicted by the media and Judeo-Christians as typical of Christian-Identity.

James Ridgeway states, “It was this group which first plotted a bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City during the early 1980’s.”

Kerry Noble, now points his finger accusingly at Christian-Identity, but according to James Ridgeway, it was HE and the other screwballs at the CSA compound who first originated the bombing of the Murrah Building which was carried out by Timothy McVeigh.

To be quite honest, I am surprised relatives of the Murrah Building victims have not filed a wrongful death civil action lawsuit against Kerry Noble.

******** ********

As I said before, it is not my intention to explain the bazaar or the weird. Certainly you can find people who claim to be adherents of Christian Identity who need to be on a leash. However, the same can be said for some of those who claim to be Catholic, Mormon, Baptist or a member of some other denomination. The difference, however, is how they are treated by the national media. If John Doe, is a Baptist or Catholic and commits a crime he goes to jail. If John Doe, is Christian Identity and he commits a crime it goes to the front page of the newspaper, and becomes the lead story on the nightly news.

There is little doubt that within the modern Judeo-Christian Church there is a growing hatred for traditional Christians. Massive churches are built by preachers engaged in the business of church growth without regard to the Gospel. Hiding under the deceptive guise of “all you have to do is love Jesus,” they have set the stage for the One World Church.

Why is there so much hate

directed toward Christian-Identity

I want to point out a scripture in Daniel that will help explain this. Unfortunately to do so will cause many of these Judeo-Christian ministers to claim I am twisting scripture, or promoting what they call, “The Christian-Identity belief system, which holds that the world is on the verge of a final apocalyptic struggle,” therefore attempting to make my statements less credible. Others may say I am taking a scripture about the Jews and trying to apply it to our (white) people. I supposed they have the right to promote their one world church. But I believe we have a right to question their teaching without being demonized. Especially when the future of our children is at stake.

In the Biblical book of Daniel (12:7) it is prophesied that in the last days the power of the holy people would be scattered. In other words - broken!

It is for this very reason that the anti-white hysteria which is affecting our nation is also out of control in every nation of the world. White People are being disenfranchised (scattered) in every nation of the world and for those who disagree with me on this statement - well, they just don’t know. They haven’t studied, nor kept abreast of world affairs.

It doesn’t matter if its the politician in your community, state or national government or the one across the ocean or “down under” in Australia, a world wide hatred has been mounted against our people. Every race of people are encouraged to appreciate their racial identity - except white people. A person from any race can go on television and speak with pride about their race and they are applauded. But if a white person dares to do so, they are demonized and silly people masking under a false guise of Christianity proclaim that Christian Identity advocates are not real Christians. The Apostle Paul speaks of these people who do not have a love for righteousness and so GOD sends them strong delusion so they will believe a lie, II Thess. 2:8-12.

Why is there so much hatred against Christian Identity. It never used to be, even when there were those who did not understand it, they still acknowledged that proponents of Christian Identity were Christians.

But there is a movement today that has its roots in the Occult - teaching the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God. This comes right out of the New Age movement and has been universally adopted by Judeo-Christian churches.

For generations, the Christian Church maintained the practice of racial separation. Although it took the Gospel to non-whites they never engaged in the practice of wholesale intermarriage with the native people, but by nature obeyed the 7th commandment, “thou shalt not commit adultry.”

When the nations of Europe began its colonial expansion the Catholic Church permitted marriage with heathen people as a way to promote its political dominance. Protestant churches maintained its racial integrity until recent years. Today they are all a part of the One World Church and are children of the Great Harlot of Revelations 17.

For generations the children of Israel (Europe) held fast to the ideals of racial separation and God blessed them immensely.

In fact in EVERY non white (non- Israel) nation of the world the vast majority of the people live in squalor compared to the people in White Christian nations..

You might not like me for pointing this out. But you know its true. Can you name a 3rd world white nation?

Didn’t think so!

In other words Identity proves the validity of Scripture. God said He would bless Israel and we see the proof of the blessing in the great achievements of our people. Not only does it prove the validity of Scripture but it proves that Jesus Christ is the true and living God and all other religions are FALSE! Look at the great blessing OUR God has given us compared to the failure of heathen gods to lift heathen people out of their pitiful existence. Not only do our people live in splendor compared to those in these backward nations, but our blessing is overflowing and every years millions of dollars from Christians in North America and Europe is given to 3rd world nations to help feed their starving people.

Scripture is once again proven true when we reflect upon the statement in Psalms 33:12, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD and the people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance!”

Surely we can say, “For what nation is there so great who hath God so nigh unto them, as the Lord our God is in all things that we call upon Him for.” Deut. 4:7

Some are so delusioned with their new age occultic Brotherhood of Man - Fatherhood of God doctrine that they are blinded. They need a touch of the Holy Spirit!

These New Age Judeo-Christian preachers and writers care more about promoting their One World church then they are in promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And even though Christian-Identity people believe in all the sound fundamental teachings about the divinity, love and grace of Jesus Christ, the Judeo-Christian advocates care about only ONE thing - the promotion of their New Age doctrine about the universal brotherhood of man which originated right out of the occult. The mantle of Christianity is only a cover through which they advance their scheme of a one world mutli-racial church.

The proof of what I am saying is in their own writing. We claim the grace and blood of Jesus Christ - but they don’t care about that - they hate us because we will not submit to their New Age doctrine about the universal brotherhood of man. That is why they hate Christian-Identity and everyone who defends the faith of our forefathers and their teachings of racial separation.

So now there is this anti Christian-Identity teaching being promoted in many churches. It’s all a part of the One World multi-racial Church. Some of these churches are now beginning to allow homosexuals into their congregations. Many still reject them, but it is only a matter of time when the church doors will be opened wide so the church can be inclusive for all people. Bible book stores have books on their shelves for sale that promote “racial reconciliation” and books that promote “Christian tolerance” toward homosexuals.

This multi-racial One World Church began to blossom during the same time as other perversions began to appear. Almost every destructive element we see flourishing today began to grow during the 1960’s. The Baby boomers, the first generation to come to maturity after the end of W.W.II, almost appear to be a cursed generation (I said “appear”). For it was during this time which gave rise to the drug culture, abortion rights, homosexuals, Hippies, free love, and the civil rights movement. It was also during this period when the nations of Europe (Israel) lost their African colonies.

The Christian church stood valiantly against the corruption of these things, but then they began to break and soon integration of the races filled the pews of the churches. Historically the Christian church stood oppose to integration. Even those of you who think integration is the right and “Christian” thing to do, have to admit traditionally the Christian church would not accept it (Does that mean none of these people were real Christians?). In fact it has been said many times that the most segregated hour of the week is found on Sunday morning. You have heard that before - haven’t you?

It was true!

Why was that?

Because the Christian church would not accept race-mixing. Now some of these very same churches are telling YOU that if you are against the race-mixing doctrine of the new age, occultic One World Church and its doctrine of the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God then - YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN!

But the fact is that the Christian church that stands before us today has departed from its roots and no longer represent the Old Time Religion and the Faith of our Fathers.

In 1958, Gerald L.K. Smith made the following remarks in the September issue of The Cross and the Flag,

The Rev. Carey Daniel, Pastor of the First Baptist Church at West Dallas, Texas released a significant list of courageous preachers whose names were attached to a petition addressed to the White Citizens Councils of Dallas and committed to the following expression: ‘I believe that enforced integration is wrong, and I am opposed to the mixing of white and Negro children in our public schools.’

“In publishing the petition, which appeared in the Dallas Morning News, Sunday, May 18, 1958, Rev. Daniel had this to say: ‘This list is being open because of the large number of Dallas clergymen who have not yet been contacted.’

“The petition also contained the following words, which appeared above the signatures of the clergymen: ‘We urge that our Dallas City Council and Board of Education abide by the laws of the sovereign State of Texas which forbid school integration without local option. We urge our newspapers and radio and television stations to refrain from doing or saying anything that might in any way encourage the racial amalgamation and increased juvenile delinquency which nearly always follows the integration of schools.”

This petition was signed by 330 ministers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas and it was printed in the Dallas Morning News (Were none of these ministers - real Christians?) I have in my files the name of every minister who signed the petition. And this was from only Dallas/Ft. Worth. Nationwide there were thousands!

I would suggest that today it would be difficult to find 330 ministers in the entire country that would take a similar stand.


I really do not know. Oh I can come up with slanderous explanations. I could say they are cowards. I could expand on that and even say they are gutless individuals who do not want to upset their collection plates.

But the fact is I don’t know!

I cannot understand why men and women who claim to be spokesmen for the Christian faith and the values of our forefathers would buckle and turn from the truth. Why do they not love their heritage? Why do they so willingly remain silent as our culture, values, faith and people become the prey of those that have entered our midst?

Preachers in particularly are under a covenant with God to stand upon the wall as a watchman to warn with an enemy appears at the gate of the city.

Why can they not see the mighty hand of God that moved upon our people through the corridor of time? Why can they not see the guiding hand of the Almighty leading our Pilgrim forefathers? Do they not see the hand of God resting upon the shoulder of those who knelt in prayer after their arduous voyage across the Atlantic? God nurtured our nation in the fragile years of its infancy. He lead our people through the Cumberland Gap of the Appalachians, His gentle spirit gave strength to the hearts of our countrymen as they prepared to sacrifice the earth with their blood to buy our independence. He gave courage to thousands of young wives and loving mothers as their husbands and sons left behind the comfort of their loving arms to offer up their lives on the alter of freedom. The call of God was heard by the ears of young families that moved into the Midwestern states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois. To the south their brothers and sisters were taming the wilderness of Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas.

And out of those early settlers still others heard the Spirit’s call to move westward toward the fertile valleys of California. The whole nation became energized and was empowered to fulfill it Manifest Destiny - One nation - One people - from the Atlantic seaboard to the waters of the Pacific.

I could go on, but I think it borders on blasphemy to say we have built such a great nation because of our own political or economic genius. God’s hand was upon OUR people. It was HE which brought to our shores, from all the nations of Europe His Covenant people. And it was HE which gave our forefathers the wisdom and understanding of self-government and free enterprise.

America was not a happenstance, an accident, or even the design of our own devices. America is a gift from God!

But why?

Was it because we are smarter?

Better looking?

Created a better economic system?

Had a lucky break?

Born on the right continent?

Under the right star?

NO! to all the above.

The Most High God of heaven and earth set his hand upon our people for no other reason than we are His people. God is a covenant keeping God. He made a covenant with Abraham/Sarah, Isaac and Jacob.

Why were we blessed? Preachers and politicians will struggle for all the superficial reasons. They will come up with all sorts of reasons to explain America’s greatness. We will be told it is because we were fortunate to posses a temperate weather zone, or because of our economic system of free enterprise or because of our Constitution.

But the reason is none of these things.

America and the white nations of the world are blessed for only ONE reason - God has kept his Covenant.

As I look at a globe of the world I see all the different continents of the earth. But there is one nation on one continent that stands out. A nation that is the envy of all the world. A nation that has been a beacon of light to the dark corners of the earth. A nation that has sent forth medicine, education, missionaries, counsel, and economic relief throughout the world, (Sadly often to its own peril). I see a nation occupying this great northern continent resting on the northern sides (hemisphere) of the earth.

Is it just coincidence? Or could America be that nation of regathered Israel on the sides of the north spoken of by Isaiah the prophet.

Is it possible?

“Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised in the city of our God in the MOUNTAIN of His Holiness. Beautiful for situation THE JOY OF THE WHOLE EARTH is Mount Zion ON THE SIDES OF THE NORTH the city of the great King!”


Why is it that the scripture can talk about those in darkness and sin. Even most Judeo-Christian ministers can use those terms. But the minute we use it as a figure of speech they want to claim we are practicing the occult. For example Christian-Identity ministers are condemned as occult if we say that there is some teaching and scriptural understanding that they may lack and Christian-Identity answers some of those gaps in scriptural knowledge. Yet they will turn right around and have prophecy conference to teach deeper spiritual meaning to their flock and that is not being occultic. In fact most churches have Bible studies so the flock can have deeper biblical meaning and a deeper more enriching life in Christ. If we use the same terms we are a cult, if they say it they are find and righteous Christians.


We don’t deny their Christianity - but they are not well grounded in scripture and so have become easy prey for the New Age movement

These are not bad people - they just do not know - they are deep into the New Age doctrine - but don’t realize it. Their hatred may be kindled against us - be we must renew our selves and our love for our brothers and sisters - despite their misguidance.


The Song you Are Listening to is:

O Thou Who the Shepherd of Israel art

O Thou Who the Shepherd of Israel art,
Give ear to our pray’r and Thy favor impart;
Thou Leader of Joseph, Thou Guide of his way,
’Mid cherubim dwelling, Thy glory display.

In Ephraim’s, Manasseh’s and Benjamin’s sight,
O come Thou and save us; awake in Thy might.
O God, give us favor, restore to Thy grace;
And then we shall live in the light of Thy face.

From Egypt’s dark border a vine Thou didst take;
Destroying the heathen didst room for it make.
Where planted it grew at Thy sov’reign command,
With roots deeply set and boughs filling the land.

The axe hews it down; it is burned in the fire;
They perish, rebuked in Thy terrible ire.
O lay then Thy hand on the Man of Thy might,
The Son of Man made to stand strong in Thy sight.

No more shall we wander, delighting in shame;
Revive us, O Lord, we will call on Thy Name.
O Lord God of Hosts, us restore to Thy grace,
And then we shall live in the light of Thy face.



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