Counterfeit Patriarchy

By Rachel Pendergraft

Counterfeit Patriarchy: Ever since the beginning of Adam and Eve there have been counterfeits. Through deception, mankind has been inundated by counterfeits. There have been religious systems that closely resemble Christianity. There have been governments that closely resemble the righteous legal system of God codified by Moses. We are even told there will be a counterfeit church and anti-Christ. We are commanded to search out all matters, beware of Jewish fables, and not to be deceived.
Biblical patriarchy is a system whereby the fathers or patriarchs are given the responsibility to provide for, protect, and love his family. To enable him to do this, certain rights and authority are bestowed upon him. Likewise, the woman is to manage what is provided to the betterment of the family, to assist in the protection of the family, and to love her family. She to is provided with certain rights to enable her to do this. Both are limited in their authority as a means to safeguard against the carnal mind and acts of selfishness that would harm the family. True patriarchy is centered around the family, not around one man and his desires.
The enemies of God have always sought to destroy what He has created. Counterfeit patriarchy has caused enormous harm throughout the ages. Rather than putting the family first, many men have used the family and its enlarged system of community, government, and nation as a tool to further their own selfish desires. Prior to the time of Christ the Roman paterfamilias could murder a member of his family with the same impunity as if he has simply killed an animal. Fathers could sell their children or wife. Unwanted babies could be left out to die. The family existed for the father. The community existed for the men in charge. Responsibility was taken out of the equation. The law of Moses (obviously thousands of years before Rome existed) sought to correct this idea that would plague many nations. The Traditions of the Elders that the apostles and Christ fought bitterly against was a counterfeit to the Law of Moses. The Oral Law (Traditions) of the Rabbis was a corruption of God’s Law and it held the people in bondage. The Oral Law today is commonly known as the Babylonian Talmud. It is the ultimate heresy.

Some will make the claim that Judaism is Matriarchal. This is not true. They say this because kinship is reckoned through the mother although in actuality they do not deny community and Jewishness to children who have only a Jewish father. Government within the Jewish religion is not held by women. Women are considered worthless. Women are not allowed to study their law or to speak or recite their law (Traditions of the Elders) The apostle Paul (Note: Paul was an Israelite not Jewish – the two are not related and this is part of the deception) had to fight the infiltration of Jewish ideas into the early church. One example where it regarded women was the Jewish prohibition against women speaking. The Traditions of the Elders forbade it (let the law be burned rather it be spoken by a woman) God’s law however, did not. After restating their objection (noted in Corinthians) he asks, “What! came the word of God out from you! or came it unto you only?”
Marxist writings are extensive in their accusations and condemnation of patriarchy. Language and phrases are often used which imply that they have the best interests of the poor, the workers, the downtrodden, women, children, etc. at heart. Thus the rise in working class revolutions, children’s rights movements and the feminist movement. These are tools that counterfeit patriarchy uses to destroy true Biblical patriarchy. However, these movements have been successful because they are built upon legitimate concerns and reactions to counterfeit patriarchy.

Carnal minded men do not want to eat by the sweat of their brow. They do not want to till the soil. They do not want to be responsible for the love, care, and protection of their family. They want reward without the effort. They “love” the money, but don’t want to earn it. The root of their desire is evil mindedness. They may pretend to care, but only as a means of getting what they want. And so it is with Marxism, Judaism, Communism, and the present political force in this country including those who would be world dictators and a part of the global elite.

Some have found that it is easier to steal then to work for what they need. For example: Many of our governmental leaders pretend to be paternalistic. They believe they have the authority to take care of their family (country.) In order to do this, they have convinced the American people that they can and will take money from the people and then decide how best to care for the masses at large. They will decide where the money goes. Those who get some of the money are led to believe that they are being cared for. In truth, those doing the taking, whether global corporate conglomerates, wealthy entertainers, or sheltered bureaucrats and politicians really are using their slogans of care as a ruse to steal and they write laws to make it seem lawful.

If all the people tried to live by stealing then everyone would go hungry because no one would ever produce anything. So the simple concept of communism is that one should make a living by stealing instead of working.

Communism has a special appeal to non-whites because they are naturally non-producers. This is not to say that they will not work. This does not mean they are unable to work hard and to put forth effort and receive their just reward. But as a whole, and history proves it out, they are non-productive to the extent that they are able to create and sustain a civilized society that can care for families.

No, they need to be cared for. Given the opportunity, they find it easier to be taken care of than to take care of others. In a multi racial society this means that white people end up taking care of non-whites and this appears to be the natural order of things.

However, a multi-racial society is not natural – only the consequences are.

In a homogeneous white Christian nation, true patriarchy can exist and its benefits will be felt by all. Women and children will be loved, protected, and esteemed. Women will not react negatively to a system that values and respects them for both their mothering capabilities and their wisdom and insight. Children will not feel the need to rebel against parents who focus themselves upon the family unit and cherish and rule it well. Employers will not exploit their workers and workers will be grateful for their opportunity. Under a true white Christian Patriarchy based upon racial unity, everyone will strive to be productive in society as a part of being a good Christian. When society as a whole functions in such a manner, it leaves open the possibility for benevolent charity to those who really need it. This is Biblical Patriarchy. Communism is counterfeit patriarchy.