Friday, February 24, 2017

The Torch

The Torch is published quarterly by Thomas Robb Ministries. You can subscribe to The Torch by sending a suggested donation of $15 to

The Torch
PO Box 354
Bergman, AR 72615

(If you are outside of the U.S. please add an additional $15 to cover foreign postage. You can also use Paypal on line and send your donation to

If you would like a free sample copy of The Torch, please email us with your request!

The Torch includes articles of an historical nature such as “Was Jesus Christ White?” and “The First Christian Church was built in Britain”, Germany – An Israelite nation, as well as covering modern issues such as homosexuality, racial amalgamation, parental rights, globalism, etc.

You will be pleased to receive The Torch into your home each month. Parents are encouraged to read it with their children or use it as a basis for monthly family devotions. Home-schooling moms (and dads) will find it a good addition to their Bible and/or history studies.