Valentines Day Thoughts from the Pastor’s Wife

From the pastors wife
This is February. This is Black History Month and February also contains Valentine’s Day. I choose not to celebrate black history, but I do choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, not because I have to but because I want to. My husband doesn’t have to either, but he always does something extra nice on Valentine’s Day. Every once in a while I’ll hear of some guy who will boast that “no body is gonna tell me when to get flowers for my wife” Blah, blah, blah. This guy needs to lighten up.

Then there are those that seem to trip over their religion and claim Valentine’s Day is some kind of Satanic holiday to lead us astray. I make heart shaped pancakes for my hubby because I love him, not that I have to and he gets me flowers and a card and candy (he likes to eat the candy he buys me!) He buys these things for me on Valentine’s Day because he loves me. Actually he buys me flowers or a book I am wanting as a surprise others times during the year also. He is always ready to take me for a ride in the country or offer to cook supper. He is a great cook and I enjoy time out of the kitchen. Not because I am abdicating by wifely responsibility of cooking but because he loves me and when I am tired he wants to help out.

Sometimes I rake the yard, bring in wood for our fireplace, not because he is lazy with his responsibilities but because I enjoy the outdoors and he may be busy doing ministry work. I also leave him little notes telling him I love him thanking him for something he has done that I appreciate.

We celebrate birthdays not because we have to but because it’s fun. It helps to give meaning to life and family. When our children were little they would get excited when his birthday would come around because it gave them an opportunity to show daddy they loved him. He’s a man. And like most men he doesn’t really care about making a fuss over his birthday. But when the kids were little they wanted to see daddy have the kind of excitement that they had, so he always did his part and enjoyed the fuss they made. On St. Patrick’s Day, I would perhaps make green Jello, green pancakes etc. Rachel as a little girl made us green scrambled eggs. Somehow green scrambled eggs didn’t go over well.

In the midst of this struggle for the soul of our people we do have to take opportunities to celebrate life, to make family traditions and to have fun. We need it to keep our balance in life. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 17:22 that a merry heart is like medicine: but a broken spirit dries us up to our bones.

As Christians who have this personal connection to Jesus Christ and we are given this opportunity to have an inner peace, tranquility and joy; not just happiness – but an inner joy that comes out of our soul.
Enjoy the little things in life. Stop and smell the roses. Listen to the wisdom of nature. Enjoy the sites and sounds of the wind, the birds and all that buzzes around you.

We have a wonderful savior who has called us to abundant life. In this struggle for the very heart and future of our people we must learn to walk a balanced life. Come Valentine’s Day tell you husband – tell your wife – that you love and appreciate them. Give your little ones an extra hug – this struggle is for them.

The strong silent type thing only works in the movies. The reality is that we all need to feel loved. Our spirit cries out for it.

By Mrs. Muriel Robb. Pastor Thomas and Muriel Robb have been married for 48 years. Mrs. Robb graduated from SOTC College with a degree in biblical studies where she met Thomas Robb fifty years ago. They have committed their life to their white brothers and sisters.