Thank God for Family

Thank you Father God for many blessings. For my precious wife, children, siblings and grandchildren. May they come to appreciate the full measure of your Love. The many times You carried them on Your shoulders, the moments You remained nearby waiting patiently with fingers crossed as they made critical decisions. You are the God of choice. You desire us to praise and honour You. We desire, with Your guideposts from Biblical Words, a pathway along the straight and narrow in this world which at times discourages and harasses our good intentions. You never give up on us. Amen.”

In this day and age, families are beset by a variety of challenges. Somehow they scratch by, yet others survive at a higher level. Is it prayer? Or is it possible to accomplish successfully without a personal faith? Call it luck of the draw some may say. No. Without God in our lives we are like the Israelites living in Egyptian captivity, hoping something will happen to change miserable living standards. And things did happen. It took a man after God’s heart, someone who had been to the top of the mountain and through the valley. Moses was that inspired man, who led a nation out of bondage.

As parents, we too must lead. Our families depend on us. Our footprints are our children. Our mates are our support. But the God of our lives is Jesus. He came like a whirlwind in the New Testament, in our likeness, as a man with responsibilities; Saviour of our Souls. As adults with families, whether they are spouse, children or parents, we must show the way, teaching and living by example, for all. And walking with Jesus can provide us with blessings, knowledge and discernment in our everyday lives.