Calling Fathers

God created Adam first and then Eve and then the children by their union. We are taught throughout all the Scriptures that there is a hierarchy in the family.

God’s hierarchy is a little different than the idea our culture seems to suggest. When God gives authority He also gives responsibility.

Fathers have the God given wisdom and power in the good sensible management of the family.

The mother is gifted with other types of wisdom and is none the less important, while she too has sensible wisdom.

There is however, a balance needed in all of nature to keep things equitable and level.

If we do not have a family in this world, one that is functioning with a reasonable amount of support, then we are vulnerable to the disabling assaults of the enemy to incapacitate our best abilities to function, to be creative and productive and happy.

Where are the fathers?

God bless the ones that stand by their families. God bless the fathers and grandfathers who teach their offspring about God and the right ways to live. God bless those who hug their offspring and give to them the feeling of security and the confidence of being loved.

Would the fathers, who do perform their God given duties and privileges, please put out the call for all fathers to report to the family and be the father they agreed to be when they with the child’s mother and God, gave the child a life to live on this earth?

Men who are not available to the family do not hear the decibel level of a woman’s voice. Would the Men find the Men, please, the family needs them. They need their strength, love, understanding, and compassion. And remember that the best leaders lead by creating an environment in which team members want to follow. This creates a family unit that is unshakeable.