Women of God

When A Woman Knows Her Worth…

She knows that she was born for a purpose according to the will of God for her life.
She knows that she is fearfully and wonderfully made.
She knows that her worth is far above rubies.
She knows the difference between love vs. pure lust and infatuation.
She knows that a real man will treat her how he would want his daughters to be treated.
She knows that a real man would recognize that there is more to her than her lip, hips, chest, and fingertips.
She knows that she is worth more than a one night stand, or some man’s baby momma.
She knows that a man with a relationship with God, who fears and loves God, will care about leading her closer to Christ and her soul going to Heaven, instead of him leading her to the nearest bed.
She knows that she is a gift from God for covenant, not convenience.
She knows that her body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and that she will NOT be showing all of her glory when she leaves out of her home.
She knows that her Boaz will find her, that she does not have to search for him.
She will respect the covenant of another woman’s marriage.
She will not accept any form of abuse!
And she will not settle for less than God’s best.