The Last Church – Pastor Robb discusses the anti-Christ, the one world church, the beast, and what this has to do with white genocide. What do most churches have in common with all anti-Christ religions?

Moses, The Economist  –  Sane economic policies the way God intended; fair, ethical, promoting free enterprise, care for the needy.

Slavery – Then and Now  – Do you consider yourself a free person?

Paul and Joseph of Arimathea: Missionary to the Gentiles – Who were these “gentiles” and what was Paul and Joseph’s relation to them? What is their relation to Europe?

The New Testament Israel – The descendants of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Jacob were to take the light of God’s word to the ends of the earth. Through them all others would be blessed. The European people – or so-called gentiles – have propagated the Christian faith and have been responsible for thousands of years of sharing the Christian faith. Could it be that there is a reason for this? And what other blessings and prophecies are related to these people that we call the white race.

The Old Jerusalem is not the New Jerusalem – There is much confusion about the place that the ancient city of Jerusalem has in today’s age and the future. After all, this is the city where Christ will reign from. Is it where we think it is or is there another possibility. And what does this have to do with America?

The Old Testament Christians – Were the Christians really just converted Jews? Who were these men and women?

The Thirteenth Tribe: This is a book written by a Jewish author and historian who details and admits that those known in modern times as “Jews” have little if any Jewish or Israelite blood in them. He asserts with documentary evidence that those known as Caucasians are the true descendants of the Biblical Israelites.
Download the PDF The Thirteenth Tribe

Heirs of the Promise: written by Pastor Sheldon Emry {now with the Lord} a short yet comprehensive look at the connection between the white race and the Israelites of the Bible – with charts and graphs
Download the PDF Heirs Of The Promise

Billions for the Bankers: written by Pastor Sheldon Emry – Details the corrupt banking system – explains how the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE corporation with stockholders who make billions off the U.S. taxpayers – This is NOT a BORING read – but it is a MUST READ for anyone who pays taxes – whatever your race!
Download the PDF Billions For The Bankers

The Identity Roots and Betrayal of Billy Graham: written by Pastor Thomas Robb – Billy Graham was converted to Christianity under the ministry of a Kingdom Identity preacher ( a preacher who believes that the white race and the Biblical Israelites are one and the same). Billy Graham knows the truth, but instead focused his ministry on the destruction of God’s Kingdom people. He was an associate of Dr. Martin Luther King and worked for integration and racial intermarriage!
Download PDF The Identity Roots (and Betrayal) of Billy Graham

The Gospel of the Kingdom of Christ: Was Adam the first man? Was Eve the first woman? Was the flood world wide? What is the purpose of mankind? Was Christ a Jew?
Download PDF Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ

There is No One Above the Law: Are we to obey all government laws even if immoral? What about Biblical passages that seem to suggest it is unChristian to protest government abuse. Who are government officials accountable to? By Pastor Thomas Robb
Download PDF There is no one above the law

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