Dear Friends,

Our mission here at the Christian Revival Center is simple. We wish to see a restoration of Biblical principles in the lives of individuals, families, and nations.

We are a non-profit Christian world wide outreach ministry. We believe that the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people are THE people of the Bible – God’s separated and anointed Israel. We do not hold that this implies the white race is especially holy or perfect, without fault or blame. However, it does mean that we have a great responsibility for imparting Christianity throughout the world, to assist in ushering in the Kingdom (government) of God (here on earth as it is in Heaven) and for following all of the Biblical guidelines in both the Old and New Testaments thereby providing an example to those not of our racial heritage to follow and enabling them to prosper.

For the mission God has bestowed upon His chosen people, the white race, he requires their separation. They must honor their heritage – not despise it. Other races must honor their heritage as well. In a well ordered world – this is God’s way.

Sadly, as it is foretold in Scripture, the majority of the Israelites have forgotten their heritage. To fulfill our overall mission, God has given different responsibilities to His people at different times throughout history. In these end times, our responsibility is that of watchman.

God is calling white men and women to take a message to their brothers and sisters. The time for remembrance is upon us. It is our responsibility to warn our brothers and sisters that Satan’s plan for world domination, one-world government, racial amalgamation, etc. is setting its sights on us. Our people must not only resist the call of Satan, which the Bible says will come disguised as light and love – (brotherly – interracial love {Leodecian church age – the apostate (modern) church) – But His people must overcome, prevail, and help open the eyes of their lost brethren – lest they perish.

My brothers and sisters. The time to sound the trumpet is now. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear must not foolishly shut themselves off from their brothers and sisters who may be less knowledgeable. We must love them and pray for them and lead them back to an appreciation of their heritage.

To better enable us to be watchmen, we must strive to live our lives as holy and accountable to God. We must be good husbands, good wives, good parents, good children, etc. In all of our endeavors we must put Jesus Christ first.

Through our church (The Church of Jesus Christ), our monthly publication (The Torch), our monthly tape program, and this web site, we hope to give you the tools to live more fulfilled Christ centered lives; to become more knowledgeable about the responsibilities God has given to us now and in the future and about the plans of Christ’s enemies to keep us from fulfilling our mission.

God bless you as you begin and continue your journey of racial awareness and Christian responsibility.


The family is the most basic governmental unit designed by God . It is steadily eroding due to the the deliberate acts of immorality being forced upon our children within the school systems, propaganda on television, and the weakening of our churches. ( Gen. 2:21-24, Matt. 19: 3-6)

The church has lost its Biblical authority and is now being dictated by regulations, immoral sympathizers and changing social standards. Today’s so called “leaders of the church” are afraid to speak out against the vile immorality that plagues our society. We will say what needs to be said, BECAUSE it needs to be said! ( Matt. 16:18, Col. 1:18, Eph. 2:19-22)
Government was established by God to maintain a civil society and encourage righteous living among the populace. ( Romans 13:1-7) Our government has lost sight of it’s original intent. No more is the government “of the people and for the people”.

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